About Us

Welcome to POP Mumbai.... an association of people primarily from Western Odisha based on the desire and endeavour to strengthen bonds among the people and to promote the cultural heritage of this region. Western Odisha is known for its exquisite art and culture, handlooms and handicrafts and the people of Western Odisha believe in the Supreme ideal of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ (the whole world as one family) and try to instil into members of its family and society various values and ideals necessary for a cohesive society. The vision of POP Mumbai is to show to the rest of the world that our festivals are the cultural manifestations of the collective consciousness of our region. We derive great pleasure in celebrating them collectively. The vision of POP is also comprehensive in as much as it believes in embracing the wider spectrum of society. It welcomes people from other regions which enriches its socio-economic fabric. It gives a unique cultural identity to Western Odisha and provides a platform for cultural exchange.

Objective:  To make the present generation aware of the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Western Odisha.

Mission:  To promote, preserve, propagate and perpetuate the unique culture of Western Odisha.